Hawaii Drivers License Renewal

There appears to be two options for renewing your driver’s license:

One important thing to remember is to get your documents together before you arrive.  The government’s guidance on the required documentation is found here: Driver License & State ID Document Guide.  Make sure to download, print and fill-out the application form beforehand to save time.

Whether you walk-in or have an appointment, you will need to decide on a driver’s license location center.  The list of locations can be found here.

The City and County of Honolulu procedures on renewing a driver’s license can be found here.

My Experience

In September of 2018, I walked-in at the Fort Street Mall licensing center.  I arrived at 8am hoping to be done after a couple of hours of waiting.  I actually had to stand in line to get a number.  They handed me a number that indicated I return at 1:00pm (the estimated time my number would be called).  I returned at 1:00pm and there were still 9 numbers ahead of mine.  After waiting another hour, my number came up and the process (provided you all your documents) took around 10-15 minutes.  Overall, it was a good experience.  What I did notice is that the people who reserved a time online were called nearly exactly the time of their appointment.  This is good news for those of you who are able to make a reservation online via AlohaQ.  Good luck to you all!

Another personal experience in this video: